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Alicja Kwartnik
Bologna (I) 2010, 64 pp., 29.7×21 cm, booklet
Text: Italian
This booklet is not only an introduction to needle tatting but also a pattern collection. Previous knowledge of the technique is not assumed: needle tatting is explained from the very first double knot. The many very clear diagrams make it easy to understand, but an understanding of the Italian language would be an advantage for beginners who want to learn the technique from this book.

The pattern section shows many suggestions for use of the lace in the household and in everyday life: bookmarks, key fobs, coasters, mats for under pots and pans, lace edgings for handkerchiefs, lavender bags, doilies, a handbag, Christmas decorations, earrings and a necklace with beads. Most patterns are worked with cotton thread, but there are some with raffia. Even if you have no knowledge of Italian, you can work the patterns by following the clear diagrams which show the numbers of knots.